Areas of Specialization


We perform legal consulting in municipal affairs and in general all kind of administrative proceedings on regulatory organisms, ministries and public agencies. The work we have is based on a consultancy that enables the customer to fulfill the administrative procedures required to start their economic activities.

Competition, Intellectual Property and Consumer Protection:

We have extensive experience in defending companies regarding trade inquiries and complaints in front of INDECOPI. In the Intellectual Property area we have been specialized in the registration and protection of distinctive signs, patents and copyrights, including extensive experience in litigation proceedings relating to these issues, both in administrative and judicial levels. We also provide advice on issues related to consumer protection and the procedure to INDECOPI.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution:

Our firm has experience in defending civil disputes, commercial, corporate and constitutional against the Judiciary and the Constitutional Court. It also holds the defense of them in national and international arbitration proceeding. We are able to manage and resolve conflicts through negotiation techniques and avoid confrontation involving a judicial or arbitral process to find solutions that meet the interests of the parties.


Our lawyers are specialists in negotiation, conclusion and execution of civil contracts such as leasing, rental service, loans, work, supply, sales, and other preparatory contracts, commercial contracts (franchising, trademark licensing, transferring of know-how, joint ventures, distribution, concession, consignment, sponsorship, online advertising, futures, options), financial contracts (leasing, credit, billing, trust, securities issuance and placement) and surety (bond, industrial, global and floating , collection of accounts, mortgages), both in public and private cases.

We also have experience in designing contractual strategies, with particular emphasis on the design of provisions on applicable laws, accountability, confidentiality, events of default and penalties, causes of resolution and dispute resolution mechanisms, among other things, as well as in the adoption of measures of effectively managing of the complex problems that may arise during the execution of contracts.

Civil and family Procedural:

We represent our clients on Judiciary in resolving disputes of constitutional nature, contentious-administrative, civil, corporate and commercial, including representation to the Constitutional Court and Arbitral Tribunals. Our experience and knowledge allows us to achieve the best possible results in litigation and resolve disputes satisfactorily without necessities to initiate or continue legal proceedings or arbitration. In addition, our team specializes in family laws and provides representation in legal proceedings such as divorce by mutual consent and causal, parentage, custody, possession, visitation, legal separation of property, marriage annulment, etc.


Currently, there is a strong operational and financial impact that the new environmental regulations have created, mainly in sectors such as mining, oil, electrical, and industrial fishing and the growing needs an interaction with native communities, mainly in the activities oil and mining.  We provide advice on environmental legislation, administrative procedures sponsors; collaborate in the preparation of environmental impact assessment (EIA) and fitness programs and environmental management (PAMA).